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CyberLearning Digital Literacy Course Description

This 12-hour Digital Literacy course explores the core concepts and essential foundations of using a computer comfortably and well. Many people who use computers only know how to do things that are necessary for their job or immediate hobbies. This course builds on a user’s basic familiarity with computers and teaches helpful and critical skills in three modules: Basic Computing, Living Online, and Key Applications, which are focused on the following:

Basic Computing covers such topics as the hardware that makes up a computer, how Operating Systems and Applications work, and ways to troubleshoot and find one’s own help when faced with a new or unfamiliar issue.

Living Online addresses the ever-increasing interconnected relations between users and online resources, and discusses the way that networks and the Internet are physically connected, plus skills for how to find and access online resources in a way that’s safe for users and their computers.

Key Applications is an overview of Productivity Software such as Microsoft Office or Google Docs, and covers not only universal formatting and document creation principles, but also details tools and functions specific to each of a suite’s Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Presentation software applications, as well as the best practices and document types to work with in each.

The course consists of three short pre-tests to establish existing skills; video and reading material, as well as review quizzes, for each of the above areas; and a Master Exam which covers the material from all three areas. Once a user passes the Master Exam with an 80 or better, they have completed the course.

  • For users who are already familiar with the above material, there is an option for them to fast-track their way through the course: by scoring a high enough score (80 or better) on each of the Pre-Tests, a user will get immediate access to the Master Exam.
  • In the event that a user does not get an 80 or better on the Pre-Tests, he or she will need to get an 80 or better on the Review Quiz for each area in order to get access to the Master Exam.
  • A user can also get access to the Master Exam by getting an 80 or better on a combination of Pre-Tests and Review Quizzes.

Users should have a basic level of familiarity with how to use a keyboard and mouse, as well as how to open and close programs, in order to benefit from this course. Users should have access to a web browser (Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox are recommended) and internet access in order to access course material.